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Animated effects while scrolling through apps: Barrell for iOS

One of Cydia’s most famous tweaks is Barrell. Barrell gives you animated effects while scrolling through your apps. Here’s an example of one such animation:   Advertisements

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Changing the colour of your keyboard on your iPhone, iPod and iPad

Jailbreaking your device adds many tweaks and functions to your iDevice. Color Keyboard for iPhone, iPod and iPad lets you change the color of your keyboard to your own custom one. You can also change the keyboard to your own

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Easily dismiss incoming iPhone calls with ‘Turn to hangup’

One of the main advantages of jailbreaking your device is to add more functionality and features to it, “Turn to Hangup” is a new Cydia tweak that allows you to it makes dismissing an incoming iPhone call as easy as flipping

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Setting up iMessage on iPhone, iPod and iPad

In iOS 5, one of the main new features that was released was iMessage. It is a free way to send messages to your friends who have an iOS device. What makes this service extraordinary, is that it is completely free, no

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Sending Memes to your friends on any iOS device

These days, you can find many jokes made of memes on Facebook such as ” Like a boss” and “Forever alone”. Here is an example of one such joke: Today, I’ll show you how to send memes to your friends

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iOS 6 – What to Expect, New features and Release date

Apple’s newest iOS operating system is expected to release on September 12th with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 5… But consumers are asking, what’s so special in this new update. Well, at this year’s WWDC conference, Apple promised

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Cydia Apps: Zeppelin

Most of you must be bored by the default carrier name in your iOS devices status bar. Well, this app is for all of you who want change. There are many apps to change the text in the status bar

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Have a view of Mars… On your iOS device!

A lot of you who keep updated with the current news will know that just a little time ago, NASA sent out a rover on Mars. Now, you can view Mars on your iOS device with this interactive, eye opening

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Cydia Apps: Buying In-App Purchases for free

There are more than 500,000 apps available on the App Store… Majority of them are very useful but tons of them are useless. A new app in Cydia lets you download in-app purchases for free. In-App Purchases are some tweaks

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Cydia apps: Using Installous

Update: Installous has shut down Read More here   If you’re like me and your main reason to jailbreak your iOS device was to download paid apps for free, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, I will show

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