Cydia Apps: Buying In-App Purchases for free

There are more than 500,000 apps available on the App Store… Majority of them are very useful but tons of them are useless. A new app in Cydia lets you download in-app purchases for free.

In-App Purchases are some tweaks or enhancements to the app that you are using. You buy them inside the app. Their prices differ from $0.99 to $5.

This is an example of an in-app purchase.

    Temple Run: In-App Purchases 

To get in-app purchases for free. you will need a jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Open up Cydia and go to Manage >Sources>Edit>Add. If you’re on a iPad, go to Sources>Edit>Add. When the pop up window to enter a url appears, type in:

Once you have done this and the source has been added, go to the search window and type in “iAP Cracker”. Click on it and install it.

When it has installed, your device might reboot. iAP Cracker does not have any app. It will be installed in your system but there will not be any app on your home screen. Now, when you will go into any app and buy something, you will have no need to login into iTunes, the item will be added straight away.

Beware: if it asks for an iTunes login, it means that iAP cracker does not work with that particular app.

You can check the list for supported apps here.

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