Cydia Apps: Zeppelin

Most of you must be bored by the default carrier name in your iOS devices status bar. Well, this app is for all of you who want change. There are many apps to change the text in the status bar to your own, but in my opinion Zeppelin is the best one.

By default, Zeppelin replaces the text in the top of the status bar to an image. But you can also make your own image to come in the status bar. Here’s how to install Zeppelin for your iOS device:

You’ll need a jailbroken iOS device for this. Click here to learn how to jailbreak your iOS device

Open Cydia. Go to the search window and type in “Zeppelin”. Install it. Once, installed, your device will restart. (Note: Click on the image to view them full size)


Different images in the status bar.
Once Zeppelin has installed and your device has restarted, head over to the Settings app and scroll down to Zeppelin. Over here, you’ll find a lot of pre-installed images. If you want to use your own photo, see this video:
Also, here is a step by step guide to create your own image to use with Zeppelin:
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