iOS 6 – What to Expect, New features and Release date

Apple’s newest iOS operating system is expected to release on September 12th with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 5… But consumers are asking, what’s so special in this new update. Well, at this year’s WWDC conference, Apple promised that with iOS 6, there will be 200 new features. Over here, I’ll outline a few of those.


Before iOS 6, the Maps app was made by Google and Google used its own apps. Now, Apple has redesigned a better app, and uses its own apps. You can even get turn by turn navigation.


Apple has introduced an even more advanced Siri. Now, it can tell you movie schedules, sports results and even more. And the best part, Siri is now available for the iPad 3.

With iOS 5, Apple introduced Twitter integration. Now, with iOS 6, Facebook will be directly integrated into your iOS device. That means that now you can post from anywhere, share any video from youtube, or even upload a picture straight from your device without ever accessing the Facebook app. You can even like apps or songs!!!
With iOS 6, Apple has completely redesigned the Phone app. It now has a more sophisticated and beautiful look to it. If you don’t want to pick a call, you can reply with a message or ask your iPhone to remind you later. You can even enable a new feature called “Do Not Disturb” that allows you to stop any incoming call or notifications.
In the all new Safari, you can view pages full screen on your iPod or iPhone. You can even share your open tabs via iCloud. In Reading List, you can save full webpages offline for viewing later.

And even more:
iOS 6 comes with 200 new features. I’ve just told you about a few of them. iOS 6 looks awesome. I can’t wait to try it out when it releases.
iOS 6 is compatible with the following devices:
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