Sending Memes to your friends on any iOS device

These days, you can find many jokes made of memes on Facebook such as ” Like a boss” and “Forever alone”. Here is an example of one such joke:

Today, I’ll show you how to send memes to your friends or families via iMessage or MMS. You will need an iPhone if you want to use MMS to send message, but you can use any iOS device to send message to anybody on iMessage.

 (Note: You have to have iOS 5 or later for iMessage)

On your iOS device, open up App Store. Search for “SMS Rage Face” This is the app that we have to download:

On iPad
On iPhone or iPod

Click on install. Then, enter your Apple ID and password. Once enterend correctly, the download will start. It took me around 15 minutes to download on an 1 MB connection.
Once downloaded, the app will show up on your home screen. Open it up, and you will find different kinds of sections for memes. When you click on any one of these memes, it will be copied to the clipboard. Once you have picked your favorite and copied it, open up the messages app. Double touch on where you want to enter the meme, and then click on Paste. If you do not have MMS enabled and also do not use iMessage, then this will not work for you. Here is an example message:
Comment below to tell me if it worked for you. If you are having any problems, comment below or post your problem on our Facebook page. Also, like our FB page for updates.


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