Two-Thirds of the App Store hasn’t been downloaded… Ever

Many apps have found success on the App Store. Apps such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope have sold millions. It seems as anybody can find success on the App Store. But recent statistics show, that many cannot even get a single download…

The App Store has a total of 676,252 apps. That’s a lot of apps. A new mobile statistics firm called Adeven, has revealed that over 400,000 apps have never been downloaded. That means that over two-thirds off the App Store has never been downloaded. The illusion of anybody making it on the App Store comes crumbling down.

Those 400,000 apps that have never been downloaded has been dubbed as the ‘zombie apps’. All of these zombie apps have two things in common: they have no ranking and are overlooked by search engines. It creates an ecosystem where only those who can afford to be discovered have any kind of success on the App Store…




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