Downloading Songs Directly on your iOS Device – Bridge for iOS

The iPod, iPhone and the iPad are great music players. Those who have upgraded to iOS 6 know that the new Music app interface is sleek and nice looking. The iPad is also a great device for watching movies. The bad thing is that you need to have iTunes to transfer all your songs  into your iOS device. Well, not anymore.


If you are one of those lucky people who have a jailbroken iOS device running iOS 5 or later, I’ve got the solution for you. Bridge for iOS is a powerful media app that allows you to download songs and videos directly into your iOS device. This is a must have feature for many users including me. You will need to have a Download Manager installed to download songs directly from Safari.

I’ll first tell you how to install Bridge cracked for your iOS device. But after testing and trying this app out, I recommend you to buy the app.

Disclaimer: This guide is for testing and educational purposes only, not to encourage piracy. We encourage you to purchase Bridge for iOS rather than installing this cracked version. If you proceed with the installation of this cracked app, I strongly urge you to purchase the real version once your testing is complete. The developer spent time and money creating this app, so please help support the developer. 

What you need:

A jailbroken iOS device running iOS 5 or later

An active Wi-Fi connection

xSellize repo (For installing Bridge for iOS cracked)

BigBoss repo (Installed by default) for buying Bridge after testing it.

A Safari Download Manager 

First of all, open Cydia and go to Manage>Sources>Edit>Add. If you are on an iPad, go to Cydia>Sources>Edit>Add and type in the following repo:

Type in “”

Once typed in, press Add Source and then press Add Anyway. When the repo has installed, open the Search tab and search for “Bridge”. The app marked by a blue oval is the official app, which you should buy after installing the cracked version. The app marked by a red oval, is the cracked version that we shall install right now:

The red oval is the cracked version and the blue oval is the official version.

Install the cracked app. Once you have installed it, an icon should come on your home screen.

Assuming that you have a Download Manager for Safari installed, download any music file of your choice. You can also enter the url in the Download tab in the Bridge app When the file has downloaded, open Bridge and locate the file. By default it will be located in /private/var/mobile/Documents

Click on the file. You will get a screen similar to the one below:

Once you have changed the details for your music file, press “Import”.

From here, you can change the song name and artist and you can also add an album picture. Once you have changed everything you wanted to change, click on import. When the file has imported, you will find it in the Music app.

Your file will now appear in the Music app.

Congratulations. Now enjoy the pleasure of not having to use iTunes to transfer songs.

If you have any problems, feel free to comment below. Also, remember to like our Facebook page for all the latest updates.


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