MissionBoard for iOS is a perfect card style app switcher for your iDevice

All of us love to switch between open apps quickly and efficiently. Well, the default App Switcher in iOS 4+ is really bad. The Jailbreak Community had to come up with a better App Switcher. Thus, MissionBoard.

A Near Perfect App Switcher-MissionBoard

MissionBoard was first created by Joost van der Ree. Developer John Coates teamed up with him to make sure that his idea became famous. And hence MissionBoard was created. MissionBoard is extremely to use and can be opened with many gestures via Activator (it’s installed by default when you install MissionBoard). It shows the background running apps as cards. The iPhone can show 4 cards at once, while the iPad can show 6 at a time. So, I’ll tell you how to install MissionBoard for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.


What you need:

A jailbroken iOS Device running iOS 5 or later.

An Active Wi-Fi Connection

BigBoss Repo (Installed by default in Cydia)

Open up Cydia. Go to the Search tab and search for “MissionBoard”. Here is the app that we have to download:

Click on it. As you may notice, it’s for free. Now, install it.

Download and install MissionBoard.

Once you have installed it, open up the Settings app. You will notice a section of MissionBoard. This is the MissionBoard section on the iPad:

From here, you can select the Activation Methods for MissionBoard. I chose to use the “Double Press the Home Button” option.

Now you may use MissionBoard. It is not perfect, but it’s still a big improvement over the default app switcher in iOS.

Have you downloaded MissionBoard? How was it? Tell us below in the comments or post your review on our Facebook page.


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