Using Apple’s Magic Mouse And Any Other Bluetooth Mouse with your iPad – BTStack Mouse

Apple’s iPad and wireless keyboard provide a productive experience for all the iPad users. However, Apple has left out any support for the Apple Magic Mouse or any other bluetooth mouse in that case. Well, the jailbreak community has made an app for that.

BTStack Mouse is available for free on the ModMyi repo. It allows you to connect any bluetooth mouse to your iPad. If you want to use your wireless keyboard and mouse at the same time, you will need to install BTStack Keyboard. Both of these tweaks are available on the BigBoss repo. BTStack Mouse is available for free while BTStack Keyboard is for $ 4.98. It seems a little expensive… Also note that you will need a jailbroken iOS device to install these tweaks.

Below, I’ve posted some pictures of using my bluetooth keyboard and magic mouse with my iPad.


Here’s a video:

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