iPad Mini and iPad 4… Which one is better?

Last week Apple released a bunch of new hardware. Among these products was the new iPad Mini and a newer and better iPad 4. (Apple still calls it the “iPad with Retina Display”) Many iPad 3 users are disappointed. They didn’t want their tablet to become old after only seven months. Now the only tablets available on the Apple Store are the iPad 2, the iPad 4 and iPad Mini. The question arises, which one is better?

Is this the tablet for you?

Many users will directly say that the iPad is the king of all tablets. I agree. But some argue that the iPad Mini is better for it’s portability. Some also argue that the iPad 2’s price is really affordable. Well, all of you guys have valid points. Everyone needs a tablet suited to the their own needs. I don’t need a small tablet. Do you?

I don’t need a small tablet. Do you? I’m sticking with the bigger iPad.

Below, I’ve given a table that compares all of the three Apple tablets currently available, namely the iPad 2, the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. Choose wisely.

Credit: Apple

Choose your tablet according to your needs. I chose the iPad 4 over the iPad Mini as it has that mouth-watering retina display. Yes, it really is awesome.

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