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What We Achieved in 2012 – Techno Inspiration’s 2012 Annual Report

Well, the year is nearly over. A new year is coming in 24 minutes. Lucky, me. Yesterday, WordPress emailed me a summary of my year in blogging. It showed me all my stats, my most viewed post etc. I wanted

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 will reportedly feature a laser keyboard, impossibly thin design

The expectations for the next Samsung flagship phone keep getting higher and higher. A new concept video shows some potentially iPhone-killing features. With the Samsung Galaxy S3, the most popular Android smartphone of 2012, having been around for six months

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Game Over for the Playstation 2 in Japan

Sony terminates production of the venerable PlayStation 2 gaming gizmo in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the elder game console isn’t dead quite yet. Sony has discontinued the PlayStation 2 in Japan, says a report, nearly 13 years after the

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New York Mayor Bloomberg blames Apple devices for increase in crime

Recently in September, NYPD claimed that Apple related crimes were increasing 10 times more than any other type of crimes in New York City. Today Mayor Bloomberg reinstated the point made by NYPD, as he talked about the thefts of

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Is Apple Working On A New Smart Watch?

After creating the iPod, iPhone and iPad, is Apple now working on an iWatch? Supply chain sources reportedly told Chinese blog site that the watch would be Bluetooth-enabled and sport a 1.5-inch OLED screen. This smart-watch may debut in the

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Apple’s iOS 6 vs. Android’s Jelly Bean – Techno Inspiration

Things are getting really confusing. The 3.5 inch smartphone (the iPhone) released by Apple in 2007 set a new standard for other phones. As we approach 2013, there have been more than 365 million iOS device sold. That figure is really

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A troubling promise in the iPad Mini’s Christmas Ad

In a touching ad for the iPad Mini, a girl plays a song to her grandfather over FaceTime. She promises to be home for Xmas. But is she just mocking granddad? Christmas is a time of joy. Families come together

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The Macbook Air (13 inch, Mid-2012) Review by Techno Inspiration – It’s Still the Best Laptop for Everybody

Things are getting really blurry. The MacBook Pro once stood for tons of power plus upgradability. Add a Retina Display and now it’s just tons of power. It’s a thicker, faster MacBook Air (with an awesome display). It’s not bad, in fact

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Samsung unveils Galaxy Grand, a mix-up of the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note

Samsung has announced a new smartphone: The Galaxy Grand. The new handset is a mash-up of both Samsung’s popular devices, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note. It will offer dual-sim support, but the Galaxy Grand is not the

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Little Gems for your Windows Computer

Many of us try to get the best out of our computers. Well, that is a little hard sometimes. Some of us continuously try to find new software to improve our technological life. Well, I’ve given a list below of

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