The Macbook Air (13 inch, Mid-2012) Review by Techno Inspiration – It’s Still the Best Laptop for Everybody

Things are getting really blurry.

The MacBook Pro once stood for tons of power plus upgradability. Add a Retina Display and now it’s just tons of power. It’s a thicker, faster MacBook Air (with an awesome display). It’s not bad, in fact it’s quite amazing, but it confuses the general order of things.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the Macbook Air was released (in 2008). Now, it is a much different beast altogether. With an Intel i5 processor, 4GB of ram and upto 7 hours of battery, the Macbook Air is currently that best laptop for everybody in my opinion. It’s challenging the Macbook Pro… in its own sort of way. Which one is better? Read our Macbook Air review below, to see how it really performs.


Honed, refined, and trademarked, the MacBook Air’s unibody wedge design is as beautiful now as ever. The first time you’ll look at it, you’ll notice how thin it is. At 1.7cm, it isn’t the thinnest,  but it is pretty impressive.


The Macbook Air comes in two screen sizes, a 11.1 inch and a 13,3 inch starting at $999 and $1199 respectively. That’s a little on the expensive side, but Apple is always like that. And I can’t even get started on that design, it’s something I call “Beautiful, Simply Beautiful.” Have a look at it for yourself:



There are very few changes on the 2012 model compared to the 2011 model.

Magsafe 2 is a new feature on the Macbook Air 2012. MagSafe 2 is electrically (and magnetically) the same as the original safety cable that keeps the charging plug held in place by magnets. But MagSafe 2 is very slightly smaller, designed with even slimmer notebooks in mind, so the move to the newer design here is probably as much about unifying the revision across the MacBook line in the coming years. using the macbook airAlso, the Macbook Air features a backlit keyboard which is very useful at night… All the more reason to make you buy this device.


Also, Apple has renamed its webcam to “Facetime HD Camera”. The camera is really small, and is hardly visible. It allows calls over Skype or Apple’s video conferencing system (Facetime) to be made at 1280 x 720-pixel size – subject to your internet connection having sufficient speed. Also, the cooling fan has been changed. The Air now has an asymmetric-blade fan inside to reduce resonance. In use, I can vouch for the extremely quiet operation of the MacBook Air. It’s probably the quietest ultra-portable you can find.

What’s Inside:

As mentioned above, the new Macbook Air is really a beast. It has an i5 processor with 4 GB of ram. Check out all the specs below:


What is using it really like?

Using the Air is as pure a laptop computing experience as you’re going to get. Its keyboard and trackpad are the best and smoothest out there, and the upgraded RAM capacity (finally) puts an end to any hiccups, slowdown, and unresponsiveness. It may take time for a new user to get used to Mac OS X, but it is really a wonderful experience when you learn it.

using the macbook air

 And the best part? The Macbook Air can now play video games. Well, it could play them before as well, but due to the RAM on the previous models (excluding 2011), not enough games ran well. With the new Air’s Ivy Bridge, the game runs on medium-high settings flawlessly. That’s true for all ultrabook-class machines running with Ivy Bridge chips, but it’s still a massive improvement across one generation.

Is it for You?


Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Previous Airs have been capable everyday computing machines. Now, with an Ivy Bridge processor, more people can use an Air as a primary computer. Improved graphics enhance video games, and more RAM aids heavy-duty multitasking. So, maybe it is for you… if you’re willing to spend your cash on it.

What is bad about the Macbook Air?

The lack of ports. The Air only has two USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot, and a Thunderbolt port. It’s fine, but more than two USB ports would be nice.


HDMI and VGA are also absent, and they are missed. An SD card slot on the 11-inch model really needs to happen at some point. Also, predictably, the Air runs much hotter than similarly specced ultrabooks.



laptopShould you buy it? Yes.The MBA price range starts at 999 for the base 11 inch model, and goes up to $ 2200 fully loaded. It is in line with the best ultrabooks. Other laptop manufacturers have built on the gains they made in last year’s round of ultrabooks—some of this generation’s are pretty outstanding—but the king is still the king. There is nothing like it. It’s just the best, most complete laptop for the general public—ever.

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