A troubling promise in the iPad Mini’s Christmas Ad

In a touching ad for the iPad Mini, a girl plays a song to her grandfather over FaceTime. She promises to be home for Xmas. But is she just mocking granddad?


Christmas is a time of joy. Families come together and enjoy the snow. Children enjoy the presents. And Granddads get together with their grand-daughters…

So to celebrate family closeness, Apple has just released an ad  — for the iPad Mini. It features a grandfather and granddaughter. She is singing to him over Facetime.

We see her face on a regular iPad and his face on a iPad Mini. You can watch the full ad here.

Normally, the public audience is supposed to love this and go ” Oooh and Ahhh” and “Oh, that’s so sweet”. But here at Techno Inspiration, I think differently…

So let’s look at what is really going on here. The girl is singing “I’ll Be Home For Xmas.” Granddad who perhaps hasn’t seen her for a really long time, is delighted that he will be able to see her.

Then the song takes a turn for the worse. For she sings that she’ll be home for Xmas “if only in her dreams.”

Granddad doesn’t seen to register the nuance. But the truth seems to be that the little girl isn’t going to be seeing Granddad for Xmas. She’s winding him up with a promise, merely to show off her singing skills and her iPad.

I fear the Granddad is going to turn up lonesome this Christmas after all. She’s winding him up with a promise, merely to show off her singing skills and her iPad. While Granddad will be lonesome, she’ll be downloading more songs and games for her iPad Mini.

I wonder what the next one will be. “Only The Lonesome,” perhaps.



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