Game Over for the Playstation 2 in Japan

Sony terminates production of the venerable PlayStation 2 gaming gizmo in the Land of the Rising Sun. But the elder game console isn’t dead quite yet.


Sony has discontinued the PlayStation 2 in Japan, says a report, nearly 13 years after the device’s introduction.

Today, Famitsu broke the news that Playstation has stopped its Playstation 2 production in Japan. The blog also noted that the company plans to continue developing and selling games for the video game console.

For all of you wondering about the fate of the PS2 around the world, expect to see the device for sale where it makes sense. The PS2 has a colossal game library (11,000 games). The device can still succeed in many countries held back from the normal cycle of video game generations — key areas such as the BRIC market segment (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and the surrounding countries.

Sony may want to redeploy its manpower for other projects, such as a successor to the current generation console known as the PlayStation 3.

Released in March 4, 2000, the PlayStation 2 has sold approximately over 155 million units, currently making it the most popular gaming machine of all time. With 3D gaming and a built-in DVD player, it was a fan favorite.

For those gamers who remember the PlayStation 2 fondly as a companion during the weekends and summer breaks, raising a glass of your favorite soda to the iconic machine may be a good way to send off the system as it enters the record books

The PlayStation 2 will never be forgotten as far as gaming is concerned — not to mention the fact that most of its popular games are coming to the PlayStation 3, either as part of an HD re-release (“Ratchet and Clank Collection,” “Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection”) or a digital download on PlayStation Network (“Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” just came out last week for $14.99).


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