The Samsung Galaxy S4 will reportedly feature a laser keyboard, impossibly thin design

The expectations for the next Samsung flagship phone keep getting higher and higher. A new concept video shows some potentially iPhone-killing features.

Will this be the new Samsung Galaxy S4?
Will this be the new Samsung Galaxy S4?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3, the most popular Android smartphone of 2012, having been around for six months now, rumors about its successor have already started gaining momentum. Recently, a concept video from Rozetked appeared online highlighting two very exciting and interesting features: that the S4 will have a very thin form factor with a bigger screen and a “projected keyboard,” allowing the phone to project an image of a keyboard on a flat surface and then let the user type using the projected keys.

Another South Korean website Enuri reports that the S4 is set for a release in April 2013. The report suggested that the company wanted to bring Galaxy S4 in the same line as its Note series with features like the S Pen and a massive 5-inch AMOLED display with Full HD 1080×1920 resolution (441 ppi).

The Galaxy Note
The Galaxy Note

According to Enuri, the S4 will have a 13- megapixel camera and a more chunkier design than the current S3. It’s hard to believe which one of these reports is true, or if any one is true…

The need to look after an extra piece of technology, and a small and easy-to-loose one at that, might be quite off-putting to some users.

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