Sony Sends Out ‘Destination PlayStation’ Invites, PlayStation 4 Reveal?

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced the details on their 13th annual Destination PlayStation today. Destination PlayStation is a showcase of the latest releases for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita. Will there also be a PS4 Reveal?

Destination Playstation, Sony’s annual event hosted by the Sony Computer Entertainment America has been announced and is scheduled from February 25-February 28 this year. Last year titles like LittleBigPlanet Karting and the next iteration of God of War were teased. Also it’s where the existence of Sleeping Dogs (Review) was showcased, which later turned up at E3 as well.


While there’s no official word from the company on the new console, it would make perfect sense to announce a PlayStation 4 this year, just under 7 years after the release of the current generation, the PlayStation 3, and months after the Japanese company discontinued production of the previous generation, the PlayStation 2, in Japan (with other countries more than likely to follow).

The company admitted to be developing a PlayStation 4 two years ago, although there is no clear idea of what it is expected. According to some sources, it might feature a fully online experience, retiring optical disks all together, allowing gamers to purchase and download titles without the need for physical discs, although also removing the convenience of playing a title without the convenience of a broadband Internet connection.

A PS4 Concept Design.
A PS4 Concept Design.


The rumours of “Orbis” began floating last year, which mentioned that the console will feature one of AMD’s x64 processors plus discrete Radeon graphics.

Further, the PlayStation 4 is also said to be able to display a resolution of 4096X2160, and that it can play 3D games at 1080p. Gaming blog Kotaku also reported that select developers have been receiving development kits for the Playstation 4 since the beginning of last year.

The event is a preview event for retailers rather than fans. If you’re interested, know that “Destination PlayStation” will run from February 25th to 28th. It’s being held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort. Retailers can register at the official website.


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