Nintendo plans merge of handheld and console making teams….possible iterations of 3DS and Wii U in future?


Nintendo has both the Wii U and the 3DS as their gaming consoles, and  it’s of no surprise that both belong to different divisions within the company. But according to a recent Nikkei report,  Nintendo is planning to merge the divisions into a single operating unit and that they will also be investing about 30 billion yen (~$340 million) into a new Kyoto development facility which should be opened by the end of the year. This does not mean that Nintendo are thinking that either the Wii U or the 3DS is doing badly (compared to other consoles, they are), but rather the merging of divisions is meant to help speed up development of their technology by sharing their knowledge with each other. That could mean Wii U Arcade,Wiiner , W3i S or other devices with supposed “geeky” names.

The Wii U Specifications
The Wii U Specifications

We’re not sure what this will mean for either console – is it possible that we might be looking at more versions of the 3DS in the future? (like 3DSiL) It is also possible that by merging these divisions and sharing the knowledge and technology with each other, Nintendo will better compete against mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, especially with the announcement of products such as NVIDIA’s Project Shield and the Razer Edge gaming tablet. Moreover, it could be used to cut costs like a Wii U with 3D and high-end specifications. Let’s see what this turns up to be.

What do you think the name of the next Wii will be? Share your thoughts wiith us in the comments below.

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