Apple is done, say teens

Whenever I want to know what is cool and “in” these days, I ask a fellow teenager, not an adult.

The iPhone 5
The iPhone 5

Teens, like me have decided that Apple is, like, so over. If you want to be a famous and well-known person, you want to be seen with a Samsung Galaxy phone in your hand or a Microsoft Surface laptop/tablet stuck under your arm.

One of the main sources of this deep technical disturbance is the self-obsession of those older people known as parents. These parents have allegedly tended to toss older Apple products at their children, while buying themselves the latest iPhones.


Samsung and Android devices are less expensive, which makes it more likely that parents are willing to buy a new one for the teens, versus handing them a new iPhone. “There was quite some negative buzz about the iPhone 5 and the lack of a real incremental innovation, except for the screen size and weight, when compared to the 4S. So this has an effect on the originality component of coolness,” says Insites-Consulting’s Joeri Van den Bergh.

The iPad 2 (Left), the iPad Mini (Center) and the iPhone 5 (Right)
The iPad 2 (Left), the iPad Mini (Center) and the iPhone 5 (Right)

“Teens are telling us Apple is done,” says Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group. “Apple has done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but I don’t think they are connecting with Millennial kids. [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops and Galaxy.”

This will might explain why Microsoft had large numbers of Glee-ful teens dancing away in the launch ad for the Surface.

Love on the Surface
Love on the Surface

Teens want to believe that they have the inside track and that everyone else is worth nothing more than a snort. Why, they’ll even allegedly drug their parents’ milkshakes in order to get online.

They have great faith in their ability to unearth the novel and decry the status quo. The iPhone 5 was, for them, a little too staid.

Which, of course, ought to give hope to brands that haven’t been in teens’ minds for a long time.

I’m thinking of you, Nokia.


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