Top 5 Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 6

Congratulations, the iOS 6 Untethered jailbreak is finally here.  But the jailbreak will never be complete without the best tweaks. So here are the top jailbreak tweaks that you certainly will and must install on your device.

Cydia will be equipped to handle the deluge of users, so don’t worry you will be able to download all your favorite apps and tweaks seamlessly.

Here’s a look at our top five must-have Jailbreak tweaks.


IntelliScreenX  lets users access their Notification Center directly from the lock screen. It brings with it quick access to e-mails, calendar, SMS, Settings etc. It also lets users post updates on Twitter and Facebook, as well as quickly read and respond to text messages and e-mails.


IntelliScreenX is available to buy from ModMyi for $9.99.


This Cydia apps is base on the popular app “PagePerHTML” With this app, you can install custom widgets which will appear on your home screen. It’s really useful and actually looks very nice. I’m particularly fond of the HTC home page layout, and I can create an almost similar design with this app. Awesome. Check it out for yourself below.



iWidgets is available to download from ModMyi for free. You can view the app’s ModMyi page on how to install custom widgets.


Scale allows you to share your favorite music with your friends on your social media accounts. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s very useful. Scale could have stopped with the social sharing feature and still be a solid tweak, but Scale goes even further. The options menu also includes a new Add to Playlist button.

scale-cydia-tweakIf you’re listening to a song you like, you can instantly add it to a favorites playlist from the Now Playing screen. This feature alone makes scale a must-have tweak.

Scale is available to download from BigBoss for free.


AppCent is a Cydia tweak that allows for download progress to be displayed as percentages, instead of ‘loading.’ Its really useful as the default nifty progress bar isn’t so useful for larger apps, when it’s hard to tell if the thing is even moving.


AppCent is available to download from ModMyi for free.


Aicon resembles a filter app, like Instagram but for the icons on your Springboard. Aicon’s special effects filters include Sepia, Black and White, Glass, Saturate, Contrast, Invert, Vibrant, Gloom, Xray, Exposure, and Hue. Each setting changes the look of the icons on the Springboard. While you would get better results editing each one of your hold out icons by “hand”, that takes skill and time.


There are also many other tweaks that are (in my opinion) better than the one above. I haven’t mentioned them in this article as I have extensively covered them before. You can take a look at them below:-



Zeppelin (Allows you to change Carrier image)

Cydia Apps: Zeppelin Cydia Apps: Zeppelin Cydia Apps: Zeppelin





So, here are our top jailbreak tweaks for iOS 6. If I missed any important tweak out,  tell us below in the comments. Have fun!

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