The 10 Best Apps For Your New Android Mobile or Tablet

Congratulations, you have a new Android device. Good choice. Android users are known to choose customization over simplicity. You’re using a phone that does everything you want and does it in style. But what do you first? First you’ll download Facebook and Instagram, and get your Google setup nailed. Then go get Angry Birds Star Wars and Temple Run, sure. But what about when you want to get stuff done? Or when you find out you hate the default Android keyboard and browser? Here are the best apps for your new Android device that you should definitely download:




Most Android devices ship with “Browser”, for internet browsing. Chrome for Android is the best desktop browser, and the same can be said for the android version. Chrome syncs your bookmarks and even your open tabs with your desktop browser, and it offers a really slick interface and perfect page rendering. You should know that Chrome is only available for devices running Android 4 and above, and in some cases, it runs slower than the default browser, but those are only small complaints.

Price: Free



Swype for Android
Swype for Android

The stock keyboard on most Android devices isn’t that great, and with the openness of the Android store, there are plenty of alternatives. While each alternative is worth a try, the one that I (and others) liked was SwypeSwype lets you drag your finger across the keys to type, offering better type times and less chances of mistakes. Another good alternative is SwiftKey, which offers better auto-correction and prediction.

Price: Free



Mint aggregates all of your bank account, credit card, debt, and investment accounts into a single screen. It’s owned by Intuit, so you can be sure that your information is safe — and having all your finances in a single view is undoubtedly convenient. The free Mint app for Android takes all that and puts it on your phone, so you can quickly see where your money’s going, and how much you have left to spend.

Price: Free



Pocket has become our favorite “Read it later” app, letting you save articles offline to catch up on at your convenience. The Android app has a clean and nice-looking design which automatically updates itself with your new articles in the background. You can use Android’s “Share” feature from any web page to save the article to Pocket, or save them from your desktop — everything will be there when you need it. It works perfectly, which makes it one of our best Android apps.

Price: Free



SnapSeed is an excellent photo editing app that offers more features and photo filters than people use in basic photo editors such as Instagram. It takes a little work to learn the tap + slide way of interacting with your photos, but once you do you’ll be adjusting contrast, saturation, crops, and more in a way that feels native to your Android device. And with the app being recently bought by Google, you can expect further development coming soon. Currently, the app supports Google+.

Price: Free



Widgetsoid allows you to create your own widgets for various phone functions. You can create a widget that allows you to turn your 4G connection on or off, or create your own customized widget that can display whatever phone information you want, from battery charge to phone temperature. The app is pretty useful for everybody. It is available for free in the Google Play store, while the paid version offers more functionality than the former.

Price: Free

Pulse News


Pulse News is a great app for those who want all their favorite news in one place. You just have to install “sources”, and Pulse shows all the latest news in an efficient and nice-looking manner from those sources. Most articles or blogs can be easily read within the app, and the sources update in a flash. It’s the perfect substitute for your morning or evening Internet scan. I personally use Pulse to catch up with all the latest technology news all the time.

Price: Free



If you’re a fan of Windows 7 Mobile’s Live tiles, then you should really check Launcher out. Launcher displays live tiles on your Android device just an WP7 does, and does it just right. You can have tiles display weather info, people tiles showing your contacts and much more. Launcher also adds support for custom widgets such as battery percentage which makes it even more better.

Price: Free 

avast! Mobile Security


The best antivirus and anti-theft app for Android is completely free. Avast! has a host of new online tools. The detection rate for malware is second to none and the anti-theft tools are better than what you’ll find in many premium apps. You’ll find some peace of mind with this app installed.

Price: Free



We all have that moment when a song is stuck in our head but we have no clue of the song’s name or the artist. SoundHound is the cure to all those music problems. You can sing into your Android device, or tap out the beat and SoundHound will search its huge database to match up the music that is on your mind. From the tip of your tongue to the tip of your finger tips, SoundHound is the ultimate app for identifying music.

Price: Free

These are our best android apps. If we left your favorite one out, tell us below in the comments.

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