PS4 prototype controller revealed?

Sources tell IGN and Kotaku that the leaked PlayStation 4 controller image is indeed real, but is only a prototype.

Sony is all set to reveal the future of the PlayStation brand at a New York City event next Wednesday, but one of the company’s surprises may have just leaked. Destructoid has obtained an image of what is rumored to be the PlayStation 4’s new touch screen-equipped controller.


A “trusted source” has confirmed to IGN that the leaked PlayStation 4 controller image is indeed real, but is only a prototype. The final design could change. An industry source confirmed the same to gaming blog Kotaku. The controller fits swimmingly with the notion of the touch-screen being a feature, and although some will surely disagree, I think it looks rather nice.

Sony has kept the same controller design over the years, opposed to their competitors who seek to reinvent the joystick with each new console. This controller was featured with the original Playstation in the nineties, PlayStation 2 saw the dual-shock implementation, while the only change with the PlayStation 3 was a wireless feature.


It looks like the Start and Select buttons have been removed, but once again, this is in line with previous reports pertaining the controller of the PS4.

Everything should become clearer next week when Sony is expected to announce the PS4. Whether the leak is the real controller or still just a prototype, it’s nice to have an image to tie in with the speculation.


We still don’t know when Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will be showing up, but it shouldn’t be too far away if the PS4 is announced next week. Other reports also suggest that the PS4 will retail in the holiday season for around $430 (40,000 Yen).

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