This is Sony’s PS4: Here’s All You Need To Know

Sony just announced it’s 4th generation console, namely the PS4. The PS4 is the first new home console from the Japanese giants in six years, and details are rife over the specs, style and cost of the new console. Here’s our round-up of Sony’s PS4 and it’s specs, style and everything else.

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ThThe PlayStation 4, as discussed in the early moments of Sony’s event, has a “supercharged PC architecture” with an X86 CPU, “enhanced PC GPU” (unspecified as of yet) with GDDR5, 8GB of memory, and traditional hard-drive storage.

Additionally, PS4 boasts integration with third-party services, phones, and tablets — you’ll be able to use your smartphone to view gameplay videos and challenge friends. Executives demonstrated this on Sony’s PlayStation Vita and streamed a game from the PS4 to the Vita handheld. The long-term goal is to make every PS4 game playable on Vita, according to Gaikai CEO Dave Perry.

“PlayStation 4 will unleash imaginations to create next-gen experiences that surpass gamers’ wildest expectations, while also allowing developers to explore other business models,” Andrew House, president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, said during a launch event in New York City. The PS4 is “founded on a conviction that we must give gamers the kind of multi-dimensional experiences they expect and observe.”

Cost and Availability

Developers galore appeared to tout the capabilities of the PlayStation 4, but Sony did not provide a launch date other than “Holiday 2013.” A price wasn’t provided either…nor was any actual picture of the system itself. A glimpse of the DualShock controller and camera bar and a rough spec chart are all that were shown over the course of over two hours. For more, it looks like we’ll need to wait for E3, or some other time in the year.

Backwards Compatibility

Sony’s not just only promised PlayStation 3 backward-compatibility, but PlayStation 1 and PS 2 retro gaming as well via a “PlayStation Cloud Service.” Whether this will be true disc compatibility or cloud-streaming remains to be seen.


The PS4 will come with a new and revamped controller, the Dualshock 4.  Mark Cerny said Sony has enhanced the feel of the joystick and the trigger button, which provides a “much tighter sense of control over in-game actions.” The company also enhanced the rumble capabilities and reduced controller latency.

A few new features have been added to the controller, including a touchpad, share button, headphone jack, and a lightbar for simpler, more friendly identification of players. A second peripheral, meanwhile, is a stereo camera that can sense the depth of objects in front of it.

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Game Streaming

The share button of the Dualshock 4 will let players broadcast their games to Facebook in real time, said David Perry, CEO and founder of Gaikai, which Sony purchased last year. That will allow your friends to “look over your shoulders virtually and interact,” he said. Friends can post comments on your screen, but if you’re stuck on a level or need assistance, a friend can actually take over your controller and guide you through a level.

Sony is “building this capability into the PS4 and the PS Network, so your circle of PSN friends will become that much more important,” Perry said.

A partnership with Ustream, meanwhile, will allow for multi-casting, so gamers can schedule a set time and broadcast a game live.

Everything Else

In short: the PS4 looks like it’s long on promises and big-picture dreaming, but currently short on clear, concrete reasons why anyone would be tempted to buy one.


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