Facebook Introduces New Single Column Timeline Design and New Like Page Button in New Zealand (with other countries to follow)

Facebook is eyeing a new timeline design to roll out to its users all around on the world.


The popular social network is testing a revamped layout for the Timeline among select users in New Zealand, a spot where Facebook typically tries out new features.

New Zealand is often Facebook’s testing ground for new or experimental updates, and this one appears to be in keeping with some of the new aesthetic touches introduced with Graph Search in January.

Screenshots from TNW contributor Owen Williams show that Facebook has decided to keep the updated Timeline headers, hiding the current boxes for ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, ‘Maps’ and ‘Likes’ under a sub-menu.

This design looks really nice and better than the current design. Check it out for yourself:

The current Facebook Timeline design
The current Facebook Timeline design
The new timeline design that has been rolled out to a few selected users in New Zealand
The new timeline design that has been rolled out to a few selected users in New Zealand

One’s timeline activity still takes up roughly two-thirds of the page’s column width, giving greater prominence to uploaded content, shared links, messages etc.left by other people. As a comparison, most users still have their Timeline split exactly in half; one side for status updates, the other for recent activity, thumbnail images of friends’ profiles, independent app activity and more.  With your status updates and other posts on the right, an “About” section appears on the left with bits and pieces from your profile. The years appear all the way on a right sidebar, where you can jump to a particular year just as you’re able to now.

The second image (below) shows an entirely new feature, however, associated with posted links and Facebook Pages. A status update from BuzzFeed links to an article online, but there’s also a new ‘Like Page’ button underneath where users can choose to be taken to the publication’s official Facebook page.

The New Facebook Like Button

This is a small addition, but it is one that will ultimately lead to more Facebook pages being discovered and liked. With more opportunities to click-through to a company’s Facebook Page, there’s likely to be a growth in overall page use, adding to the value of the social network and overall adoption by businesses.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently explained News Feed as one of the three pillars of the social network, along with Timeline and Graph Search. As we wrote about recently, News Feed hasn’t had the sort of transformation that the other two pillars have seen in the past 18 months and is due for an overhaul.


TMW have suggested that:

 Facebook could apply its ranking algorithms to different categories that users can select at will, whether its news articles that friends and pages are sharing, videos they’ve posted, food they ate, movies they’re talking about or products they’re interested in. Ideally, the format for each type of content would be considered so that stories are presented in the most immersive way to experience each one. For example, friends’ photos could be a fullscreen slideshow. News articles could be presented in more of a Flipboard-type design with options to save stories for later.

There’s no word on when, or if, this new Timeline might pop up for other users. Assuming the test phase goes well in New Zealand, Facebook will undoubtedly start rolling out the Timeline tweaks to the rest of the world. I’m also waiting to see the new news feed design, it should look really nice.

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