Second Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser Trailer Released, Still Scattered With Mystery [VIDEO+IMAGES]

Early last week, Samsung began its ten-day countdown to the release of the next generation of the Galaxy S series. The countdown ran down till March 14th where Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is rumoured to be announced at a Samsung UNPACKED event.


A young boy going by the name of Jeremy was handed the mission of minding the secretive, mystical box until the big day, and now, Samsung has given us an update on how both Jeremy, and his box of Galaxy wonder are doing. Naturally, neighbors have been asking him questions regarding the box he carries everywhere with him, but as far as revealing what’s inside, he doesn’t budge. The familiar spate of bad acting and cheesiness ensues throughout one and-a-half minute clip, so you have been warned. Check it out below.


There are only three days to go till the announcement, and rumours have been spreading daily.  However, the lack of invention in the trailer, which plays out more like a bad kids TV show than the build up to the biggest Android release of the year, is a little disconcerting. Perhaps, as fans will certainly be hoping, Samsung has channeled all of its creative energies into the device itself, and we’re going to be blown away by the end product when the wraps are finally taken off on 14th in NYC.


If the leak earlier today proves to be true, the Galaxy S IV will look like the amalgam of the S III and Note II implied by its purported display size. At 4.99 inches and a 1080p resolution, images, apps and webpages should look more crisp than ever, and with leaked information and benchmarks also suggesting a 1.8GHz quad-core chip and 2GB of RAM, the entire Galaxy S IV experience should be a blazing fast one.

These may be prototypes in disguise, but here are some leaked images of the Galaxy S4:

Galaxy-S4-images-3 Galaxy-S4-images-2


You can watch the video here, but if you haven’t watched the first trailer, be sure to check that out first.

We’ll be covering the event here at Techno Inspiration, so stay tuned for what is sure to be one of the best technological product releases of the year.

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