Apple launches new ‘Why iPhone’ page following Galaxy S4 Announcement

It’s barely been two days since the Galaxy S4 was announced, and Apple has already chimed in with a customary new web page offering a bunch of  reasons why Android sucks, and why the iPhone 5 is much better and you should buy it.

As much childish as this may sound, all of us are used to seeing how the biggest battle in tech frequently devolves into a playground like tit-for-tat. It looks like Apple and the iPhone 5 felt decidedly lonely and left out over the past two days, and it was really never going to be long before the Android community was treated to some kind of response from Apple.


As a follow-up to Phil Schiller’s continuous badmouthing of Android on Twitter (Very,very childish), Apple’s new “Why iPhone” landing page is a list of extended reason of why the iPhone should be the only choice for the possible iPhone buyer to consider.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that the Galaxy S4 prompted this sudden gesture, and with the tech world in no doubt whatsoever as to just how powerful Samsung’s latest release is, Apple has gone with the theme of efficiency across the board.


The Cupertino company is basically saying that the iPhone range performs tasks, and performs them well, without any need for the perceived excess offered by rivaling vendors.

Beginning with the trump card that is customer satisfaction before claiming that the iPhone is the “world’s most popular camera”, Apple hit Android where it hurt by having a snide pop at the Google Play Store. “The iTunes Store is the world’s largest and trusted entertainment store,” says Apple, before coming through with this gem:

Other mobile platforms have a myriad of fragmented store options, resulting in availability issues, developer frustration, and security risks.


What do you think of this? Is Apple’s iPhone really the right way to go? Tell us below in the comments.

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One thought on “Apple launches new ‘Why iPhone’ page following Galaxy S4 Announcement

  1. The sales will not be affected by this method -_- They are making it sound like a supercomputer of some alien technology. So many facts can be proven wrong. Hence, a lame attempt.

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