Could Minuum finally evolve the virtual QWERTY keyboard?

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A virtual keyboard in use shouldn’t take up more than half of your smartphone or tablet screen. But most keyboards do. And this sure looks ugly. If you are tired of virtual keys taking up your precious screen space, you should check out Minuum. Minuum is a simple, yet intelligent single-row invention of the famous QWERTY keyboard layout.


To explain in simple words, the Minuum keyboard, which is gaining traction on crowdfunding Web site Indiegogo, looks attractive as it doesn’t require much space to use. The keyboard intelligently predicts what word you’re going for through aito-correction algorithms, which is similar to a full-size virtual keyboard.

With Minuum, you can still type specific words through a magnified view that pops up when you press your finger over a certain cluster of letters. According to the keyboard’s developer,  the full list of number, punctuation and even emoticons can be accessed very easily. Another nice feature is that you can insert a space by simply swiping to the right. If you want the full space bar, you can simply swipe up using two fingers. As you can insert a space by swiping to the right, you can easily delete a letter by swiping to the left. There are also more features identical to these.

WHIRLSCAPE INC. - New Mobile Keyboard Minuum

On its first day, the Toronto-based start-up that created Minuum obtained its $20,000 goal on Indiegogo, and it over $40,000 at the time of this writing. For those who pledge to the project, a Minuum beta becomes available for Android devices in June.

Plans call for a widespread Minuum beta for Android by 2014. Also on the list is an iOS SDK(so that a developer can integrate it into an app, as Apple doesn’t allow a complete keyboard replacement). If Indiegogo achieves its new stretch goal of $60,000 by April 27th (which should be achieved easily), the team behind Minuum will launch a development kit that would work with wearable and motion-sensing devices. It really does look amazing.

This new keyboard Minuum does look really promising. I’ll be waiting for a beta to see how it performs in real life. Till then, it looks like we’ll have to stick to the QWERTY keyboard. Check Minuum out in the video below:

Via: (Tech Bytes 4 U)


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