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I Love Technology… And I’ll Make you Love It Too


I started Techno Inspiration on August 14th, 2012 as a hobby, Back then it was known as Apple Geniuses, and it was hosted on Blogger’s free blogging site. I wanted to share everything I knew about technology, especially How-To guides related to Cydia, Reviews of all the latest products and info leaks etc. I admit that it wasn’t much, but it was worthwhile of a try.

In October, I switched to WordPress with the thought of getting more facilities for my blog. I had kept in mind the fact that WordPress was more restrictive (no ads, no custom themes for free), but I read many reviews who in the end concluded that WordPress was the right way to go. With moving to WordPress, I changed the name to Techno Inspiration. 


Now, Techno Inspiration has turned into something that I never dreamt of. We are now covering all the latest product releases alongside reviewing various games and devices. Product Rumours and Info Leaks have also become a big part of Techno Inspiration, with many readers focusing of this single aspect. It’s something I never dreamt of.

We are here to create content for you. You already support us by reading and commenting on our content, and if you choose to write for us,  you are simply supporting us in yet another way. I appreciate all levels of support, I’m just glad you guys want to read what we write.

I personally don’t believe in the length of a various posts. I believe there’s a need for both long and short form content, but you don’t have to sacrifice quality to deliver both. We have no internal guidelines for how many stories we post per day – we strive to post content of value, just as we do with our reviews. 

Hoping to see you at Techno Inspiration soon.

Shujaa Imran

Chief Editor and Founder of Techno Inspiration

Authors (Bios coming Soon!)

Shujaa Imran – Editor in Chief, iOS, Apple, Info Leaks and All Reviews

Rijas Ramish – Senior Editor, Android 

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