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The Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Blackberry Z10 vs Lumia 920 [Comparison]

With Samsung having finally just announced its latest flagship effort, the Galaxy S4, it’s imminent that the comparisons will immediately be drawn between it and some of the other high-end handsets currently gracing the market. To many people, the iPhone

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The Xbox 360 vs. the PS3 – A True Comparison To Find Out Which Gaming Console is Better

The Xbox 360 vs the PS3… seems like a simple question, right? Well it isn’t. Everyone has a different opinion on the matter, some say that the PS3 is the best while others favour the Xbox 360 because of its

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Apple’s iOS 6 vs. Android’s Jelly Bean – Techno Inspiration

Things are getting really confusing. The 3.5 inch smartphone (the iPhone) released by Apple in 2007 set a new standard for other phones. As we approach 2013, there have been more than 365 million iOS device sold. That figure is really

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