Treyarch Unveils New Black Ops 2 Weapon Camos, New Sight Reticles, New Calling Cards and More [IMAGES]

A host of new camos, reticles and features are being added into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as a part of the game’s newly announced microtransaction system.


Activision and Treyarch have added what they’re referring to as “micro items” rather than microtransactions. None of these purchases will be game-changing in any way, in that they won’t alter the way you play the game or provide you with an edge, but they will allow you to “enhance your online experience” by giving you more ways to personalize your playstyle beyond your emblem. Read more ›

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See the very first iPhone prototype: The Apple design was 2 inches thick and had a huge 5″x7” screen

Before the slim and sleek iPhone we’ve all used to know and love (or hate), there was a much bulkier and bigger prototype that was about the same size as the iPad Mini.

All us Apple fans have seen many iPhone prototypes appear on the web over the years, most of which were of nearly the same size and design of the iPhone released in 2007 or the later models.

Not this one.

The technology news and information website Ars Technica recently received photos showing an in-house version of the iPhone from early 2005.

The images were sent to Ars Technica by a former Apple employee who worked on various company hardware projects in the early 2000s and was able to witness some of the earliest versions of the iPhone first-hand.


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Second Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser Trailer Released, Still Scattered With Mystery [VIDEO+IMAGES]

Early last week, Samsung began its ten-day countdown to the release of the next generation of the Galaxy S series. The countdown ran down till March 14th where Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is rumoured to be announced at a Samsung UNPACKED event.


A young boy going by the name of Jeremy was handed the mission of minding the secretive, mystical box until the big day, and now, Samsung has given us an update on how both Jeremy, and his box of Galaxy wonder are doing. Naturally, neighbors have been asking him questions regarding the box he carries everywhere with him, but as far as revealing what’s inside, he doesn’t budge. The familiar spate of bad acting and cheesiness ensues throughout one and-a-half minute clip, so you have been warned. Check it out below.


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The Xbox 360 vs. the PS3 – A True Comparison To Find Out Which Gaming Console is Better

The Xbox 360 vs the PS3… seems like a simple question, right?

Well it isn’t.

Everyone has a different opinion on the matter, some say that the PS3 is the best while others favour the Xbox 360 because of its better online services.

These passionately held opinions seem to be based on anything from highly technical, spec-led, detailed investigations .. right through to raw gut feeling (usually from people who own the gaming system that they are supporting so vigorously)!

Well, after an enormous amount of research and searching, I believe I have found the answer.

Are you ready to know what it is? Do you really want to know the answer to the question ” The Xbox 360 vs the PS3″.

Well, here it is:

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Facebook Unveils a Radically Redesigned News Feed, Here’s How To Get It

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it was giving its respected news feed a new design and a better look.

The new news feed represents the first major change of Facebook’s core service since the launch of the Facebook Timeline at the end of 2011.

“The news feed is one of the most important things we’ve built,” Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the press event. Likening news feed to “the most personalized newspaper,” Zuckerberg added that “the stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text.”


“How we’re all sharing is changing and the news feed needs to evolve with those changes. This is the evolving face of news feed.”

The new news feed features 3 main components:

  1. Bigger Images
  2. Multiple Feeds
  3. Consistency across a variety of devices such as mobiles and tablets. Read more ›
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Samsung Galaxy S III and S IV: Screenshots leak, confirm Smart Scroll and Smart Pause

Samsung’s Galaxy S III as well as the upcoming Galaxy S IV will feature smart scrolling and smart pause, at least according to a series of screenshots leaked by SamMobile.


The screenshots taken on a Galaxy S III device running a leaked version of Android 4.2.1 confirm that the latest version of Jelly Bean will feature smart scrolling and smart pause.

The insider who provided this information to SamMobile confirmed that the next generation of the Galaxy S will indeed have the much hyped Smart Scroll and Smart Pause features.  Read more ›

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Google Play celebrates its first birthday with special deals

Have you ever wanted something from the Google Play store but didn’t want to pay cash for it?  This may be the week to buy it.

Google announced today that in honour of Google Play’s first birthday, it was offering a week of deals and discounts in its media and app store.


Google wrote the following on its Play website:

It was just a year ago today that we launched this amazing shop on the interwebs to offer the best in digital content. Since the best parties are the ones that send you home with a present, today we celebrate our birthday with a festive goodie bag full of gifts.

The web giant is offering discounts on music, movies, books, magazines, TV shows, and games. Among the offers are a 10 percent discount with, a $15 gift card from the Google+ Sign-In partner Fancy, 99-cent movie rentals, free song tracks from The Velvet Underground and LCD Soundsystem, and more. Read more ›

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PhotoMagic For iPhone Is Full With Great Image Editing Features And Instagram-like Effects

If you’re the type of person who wastes too much time looking for great photo editing apps, then you should check out PhotoMagic for iPhone.  The brainchild of Softease Tech, it delivers on all fronts, and considers the less experienced wannabe photographer with a very user-friendly interface.

When you start-up the app for the first time, you have two choices. Either take a photo with the device’s camera, or load up a picture from your library (permission required). Once that’s done, you have the opportunity to flip through a seemingly endless quantity of filters / tint effects. Some are most certainly better than others, but due to the sheer number, there’s something in there for everybody.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.06.31 PM Read more ›

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Facebook Introduces New Single Column Timeline Design and New Like Page Button in New Zealand (with other countries to follow)

Facebook is eyeing a new timeline design to roll out to its users all around on the world.


The popular social network is testing a revamped layout for the Timeline among select users in New Zealand, a spot where Facebook typically tries out new features.

New Zealand is often Facebook’s testing ground for new or experimental updates, and this one appears to be in keeping with some of the new aesthetic touches introduced with Graph Search in January.

Screenshots from TNW contributor Owen Williams show that Facebook has decided to keep the updated Timeline headers, hiding the current boxes for ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, ‘Maps’ and ‘Likes’ under a sub-menu.

This design looks really nice and better than the current design. Check it out for yourself: Read more ›

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Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 8, Aims To Dethrone The iPad Mini

Samsung Electronics is increasing its tablet range with a new competitor for Apple’s famous iPad Mini.

The new Galaxy Tab 8.0 will sport an 8 inch screen putting it very close to the iPad Mini which released in November with a 7.9′ screen. The Galaxy Tab 8 is not the first iPad competitor in the Mini’s size range, it’s the first time that Samsung has made a tablet of the Mini’s size that includes a pen.


Samsung will start selling the new tablet in the April to June period, at an as yet undetermined price. It made the announcement ahead of Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry’s annual trade show, which starts Monday in Barcelona, Spain. Read more ›

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