How To Fully Customize iOS Home Screen App Icon Grid On iPhone/iPad – CustomGrid 2 For iOS

 The appearance of the iOS home screen has remained somewhat unchanged since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Icons sit in rows of four, and although with the iPhone 5 came an extra row courtesy of the larger display, all iDevice users will agree with me that the unchanged look has got really boring. The lack of any customization on your iOS device has made jailbreak theming thrive, and although Springtomize 2 and Iconoclasm are seen as the go-to utilities while customizing the home screen icons, the inherently easy-to-use CustomGrid is back for another outing as CustomGrid 2.


CustomGrid 2 is not like Iconoclasm. As you might know, Iconoclasm requires you to download layouts before selecting them with the app. CustomGrid 2 allows jailbreakers to alter the arrangement of icons in a more kind of personal fashion.  If you become tired of one look, you can change the arrangement better to suit your requirements. There is no extra layout download needed, just select a new arrangement and ta-da, you will have a new home screen look.

The sorting of icons, which is displays your designing ideas, also has some practical uses. For example, if you fill up your home screen’s first page with all your favorite apps, the need for scrolling is lessened, and as a result you will get things done just a bit quicker.


Whether you’re in pursuit of minimalism or busyness, CustomGrid 2 ensures you can have your icons exactly the way you want them, and not constrained by Apple’s restrictive nature. This app not only works with the home screen, but also with the dock and app switcher. CustomGrid 2 is yet not compatible with InfiniDock, but it does work with Springtomize, Infiniboard, and SBRotator.

All of your options can be configured within the default Settings app. If you are looking to change your home screen interface on iOS 6, you should consider taking a look at CustomGrid 2.


CustomGrid 2 is only compatible with iOS 6+. You can buy CustomGrid 2 for a small price of $0.99 from the BigBoss repository. Considering the vast amount of features it offers, that’s a very agreeable price indeed.

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