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Could Minuum finally evolve the virtual QWERTY keyboard?

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A virtual keyboard in use shouldn’t take up more than half of your smartphone or tablet screen. But most keyboards do. And this sure looks ugly. If you are tired of virtual keys taking up your precious screen space, you should check out Minuum. Minuum is a simple, yet intelligent single-row invention of the famous QWERTY keyboard layout.


To explain in simple words, the Minuum keyboard, which is gaining traction on crowdfunding Web site Indiegogo, looks attractive as it doesn’t require much space to use. The keyboard intelligently predicts what word you’re going for through aito-correction algorithms, which is similar to a full-size virtual keyboard.

With Minuum, you can still type specific words through a magnified view that pops up when you press your finger over a certain cluster of letters. According to the keyboard’s developer,  the full list of number, punctuation and even emoticons can be accessed very easily. Another nice feature is that you can insert a space by simply swiping to the right. If you want the full space bar, you can simply swipe up using two fingers. As you can insert a space by swiping to the right, you can easily delete a letter by swiping to the left. There are also more features identical to these.

WHIRLSCAPE INC. - New Mobile Keyboard Minuum

On its first day, the Toronto-based start-up that created Minuum obtained its $20,000 goal on Indiegogo, and it over $40,000 at the time of this writing. For those who pledge to the project, a Minuum beta becomes available for Android devices in June.

Plans call for a widespread Minuum beta for Android by 2014. Also on the list is an iOS SDK(so that a developer can integrate it into an app, as Apple doesn’t allow a complete keyboard replacement). If Indiegogo achieves its new stretch goal of $60,000 by April 27th (which should be achieved easily), the team behind Minuum will launch a development kit that would work with wearable and motion-sensing devices. It really does look amazing.

This new keyboard Minuum does look really promising. I’ll be waiting for a beta to see how it performs in real life. Till then, it looks like we’ll have to stick to the QWERTY keyboard. Check Minuum out in the video below:

Via: (Tech Bytes 4 U)

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Galaxy Note 2 security flaw lets intruders gain full device access

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Intruders can gain full access to a locked Galaxy Note 2 due to a bug in the device’s lockscreen.

A developer, Terence Eden has discovered a new Galaxy Note 2 security flaw that allows users to potentially launch apps and gain control of a Galaxy Note II. This flaw was discovered just he discovered the first a few weeks ago.

Galaxy Note 2 Security Flaw

This new method requires patience, but can be accomplished in a couple of minutes. After hitting the back button to leave the emergency dialer, the Galaxy Note II briefly flashes the device’s last used screen. Certain actions can extend the length of that flash for long enough to briefly interact with the device, generally a single tap at a time. It’s enough, however, to navigate into the Play Store, download an app that removes the lockscreen, and activate that application. Eden reports notifying Samsung of the issue in February, and that it is working on a patch that should be released shortly. Samsung declined his offer to wait longer before publicly disclosing the flaw. Read more ›

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How To Fully Customize iOS Home Screen App Icon Grid On iPhone/iPad – CustomGrid 2 For iOS

 The appearance of the iOS home screen has remained somewhat unchanged since the release of the first iPhone in 2007. Icons sit in rows of four, and although with the iPhone 5 came an extra row courtesy of the larger display, all iDevice users will agree with me that the unchanged look has got really boring. The lack of any customization on your iOS device has made jailbreak theming thrive, and although Springtomize 2 and Iconoclasm are seen as the go-to utilities while customizing the home screen icons, the inherently easy-to-use CustomGrid is back for another outing as CustomGrid 2.

CustomGrid-2-1 Read more ›

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Apple launches new ‘Why iPhone’ page following Galaxy S4 Announcement

It’s barely been two days since the Galaxy S4 was announced, and Apple has already chimed in with a customary new web page offering a bunch of  reasons why Android sucks, and why the iPhone 5 is much better and you should buy it.

As much childish as this may sound, all of us are used to seeing how the biggest battle in tech frequently devolves into a playground like tit-for-tat. It looks like Apple and the iPhone 5 felt decidedly lonely and left out over the past two days, and it was really never going to be long before the Android community was treated to some kind of response from Apple.


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The Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs iPhone 5 vs Blackberry Z10 vs Lumia 920 [Comparison]

With Samsung having finally just announced its latest flagship effort, the Galaxy S4, it’s imminent that the comparisons will immediately be drawn between it and some of the other high-end handsets currently gracing the market. To many people, the iPhone 5 springs to mind as it is a rivaling vendor. But one should not forget the other flagship smartphones available on the market, namely the HTC One, the Blackberry Z10 and the Nokia Lumia 920. All of these devices have enjoyed successes all over the world, and are true competitors to each other. Today, we’ll be comparing all the five devices in terms of specs, design, features etc.

A Galaxy S4 on the left in white, and a Galaxy S3 in blue on the right.

A Galaxy S4 on the left in white, and a Galaxy S3 in blue on the right.

Nokia and BlackBerry have enjoyed vast successes over the past decade, but as both have struggled in the wake of iOS and Android, the Nokia Lumia 920 on Windows Phone 8, and the BlackBerry Z10 on the BB10 OS, have some real ground to make up if they are to compete with the Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5 and the HTC One.  Read more ›

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TunnelBear Review for iOS And Android – One Of The Best VPNs We’ve Ever Seen

One of the greatest features of the Internet is that it is meant to connect everyone together and break down barriers. You can chat with a person of the other side of the world via Skype, view videos taken from another country etc. At the same time, some media companies put up location-based barriers around their services. This practice is known as geo-blocking. A good example of geo-blocking is Hulu. No one outside the United States can use Hulu, while no one outside of the UK can use BBC iPlayer. These companies track your IP address to see which country are you browsing from. To many people , these constant attempts by the media industry to discriminate users according to geographic location seems unfair. The method around this issue is to use a VPN program, such as TunnelBear.

IMG_0050 Read more ›

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This is Samsung’s Galaxy S4 – Here’s All You Need To Know [IMAGES]

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4 and I have to say it looks awesome. It boasts a better screen, faster processor and better camera than the previous Galaxy S mobiles. Fancy tech talk: Full 4.99 inch HD screen with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, quad-core Exynos processor, 13MP rear-facing camera and more.


The S4 is a bit taller and wider than its predecessor, the Galaxy S3. Despite this, the SIV is thinner and weighs three grams less, at 130 grams. The rear 9camera has also been upgraded from 8 megapixels to 13 megapixels.

Despite being a bit taller and wider than the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 is thinner and weighs three grams less, at 130 grams. The rear camera, too, has been upgraded, from 8 megapixels to 13 megapixels.

The Galaxy S4 will run Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean,” with Samsung’s familiar TouchWiz skin loaded on top. Read more ›

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LG trolls Samsung’s Times Square billboards with Optimus G “4” Ads

LG is hoping to steal some of the Galaxy S4’s thunder with a copycat billboard in New York’s Times Square.

In the heart of New York City, LG has updated its traditional billboard to show off its Optimus G phone. But as you will notice, the billboard is a virtual duplicate of the billboard for the Galaxy S4.


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